Mellow Baby  

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My infant daughter and I had such a fantastic time in Jenni's 'Baby Massage & Yoga" classes that we'll be signing up for the "Baby Sign Language" class and likely another Baby Massage!!

The atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive, Jenni herself is a fantastic, easy-to-follow instructor with great energy and a kind spirit. The bonding time I had with my daughter was priceless and we look forward to doing it again!

- Jessica Nightingale

Jenni is a wonderful instructor. Thoughtful, caring, fun and very professional. She really knows her stuff. Our son has attended both the sign language and massage/baby yoga classes and he enjoyed them both.

Sign language is such a useful skill to begin early stages of communication. Plus the music is fun, the class is educational and the babies have a great time!! Jenni's classes are a wonderful way to meet other parents, socialize, learn and get out in a comfortable environment. Highly recommend Mellow Baby!!

- Colleen Jean-Baptiste

Mellow Baby is awesome! Jenni is amazing and her classes are a lot of fun. As a new mom, I was looking for ways to spend quality time and make meaningful connections with my baby while "getting out of the house". I craved adult interaction! Jenni's massage class was all of this. I was able to give my baby the one-on-one uninterrupted attention she deserved as well as sit and have a cup of tea with other women who were also new moms. I totally recommend this class. And baby loved it too!

- Annalisa Colongioli

My son and I loved baby massage class. Jenni is so lovely and kind. Her class is cozy, relaxing and wonderful ! I loved learning this skill for my little one and absolutely Ioved the special bonding time with my son. It was really nice to get out and talk to other moms and dads as well.

 - Kristin Clark

We had such a great experience with Jenni's class in October 2017 that we've kept at it, and are excited for a new block of classes in the new year!
Such a great bonding experience (even if my little man was way more interested in everyone else than me! ;-) ), and definitely saw how mellow my baby could get.

- Jennifer Squires

My baby and I loved the class. The home setting with only a few other moms & babies was super relaxing and easy-going. Would definitely recommend!

 - Alexandra James

Jenni's relax and sing baby massage class was great. Lovely way to bond with my baby and meet other mums. Jenni made the class relaxed and fun. My baby always had a great sleep after!

- Kath McNicol

My baby and I had an excellent time following the baby massage sessions with Jenni. Relaxing time and a good way to meet other mums! Thanks!

- Steph Vachon