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Why Newborn Portraits are Important

Guest blog post by Ottawa Lifestyle Artist Irina Fortey from Irina Fortey Photography

Let's be honest, the first weeks of bringing a new baby home are stressful and the adjustment of around the clock care can leave you feeling exhausted.

The simple thought of leaving your house, showering and getting dressed makes the heads of most new parents spin. So why in the world would you want to remember such a low point in your parenting life? Here is what I've discovered about the families who decide to welcome a photographer during the early weeks with baby.

The special bond formulating in the hours and days following the birth of your child cannot be described into words but we witness it beautifully in images. This new person you've waited so many months for has finally arrived and your heart is bursting, or better put, your heart is now walking outside your body. This new found love is growing with each passing hour but also something else is happening...your little one is rapidly loosing their "fresh baby" look. The technical term is called the awakening period, you will notice your little one becoming more and more alert with each passing day. It is truly the most amazing and fulfilling thing to watch as a parent! Before you know it they've learned to roll, giggle, and in some cases walk before their first birthday! Making those 'fresh baby' days history!

Parents are often shocked at how quickly the first days pass and although they are exhausted they know that one day soon, they will want to remember the moments that bring them a sense of accomplishment in raising their child. To see a child grow and develop is an extremely rewarding experience. The endless effort and daily care to ensure a child is happy and healthy is very sentimental for moms and dads. To celebrate this journey, families choose to see the progress in photos and feel gratitude towards watching their family grow.

The photos are of the lovely Nikki and Reid with their sweet baby girl Quinn and sidekick Yoda.

Please click back to Irina Fortey Photography for the orginal post and to see more of Irina's beautiful photos.

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