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Mellow Baby in the Media

Review from Kallababy & Mom Ashley Izsak Macpherson

Kallababy has an army of moms reviewing local services in Ottawa/Gatineau.
Their most recent review is of Mellow Baby by mom Ashley Izsak Macpherson

If you live in the South end of Ottawa you may have found this in your mailbox this week!

I'm so grateful to be featured and have the opportunity to talk about Mellow Baby and our story of returning home.

A little bit about us...Mark is Scottish and I lived in Scotland for 15 years, and both of our little ninjas were born there. We always had Canada in mind when we talked about raising our family and after talking about it for 10 years we decided to go for it and come back to my hometown of Manotick.

Everyone here has been SO NICE and it's been so lovely being back in Canada.

Mellow Baby on Rogers Daytime TV - Jan, 2018

Jenni discussing the ins and outs of the classes

Baby Sign Language is so much more than signing

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