Mellow Baby  

Parent & Baby Classes in Ottawa  -  Baby Massage  +  Baby Sign Language  +  Story Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How did Mellow Baby Start?

After participating in the Baby Massage & Baby Sign Language courses as a new Mom, I found them so beneficial for my children (and for me), and I absolutely fell in love with communicating with my kids.  The time spent with them, forging that all important bond, is time I am so glad I invested in.  I decided to return to my home town of Ottawa to start creating & sharing these wonderful programs for parents and their infants & toddlers.

2. What is the aim?

My goal is to teach parents a new way to communicate with their little ones.  I hope to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for little ones and parents alike. The hope is that each family will leave feeling more confident and closer to their baby.

3. What if I can't make it to all of the classes?

I want everyone to enjoy the classes and get what they pay for.  So if you have to miss a class, that's fine, don't worry.  I don't want that to be a deterrent for parents.  Life happens, and things get scheduled in advance, so if you have to miss a class, no problem, you can just make it up in my next block. :)

4.  How much Yoga is there?

In the Baby Massage class, there is no yoga for parents, all of the yoga moves are for your wee one.

5. How should I dress my baby?

For the Baby Massage, I would suggest a seperate top and bottom that are easy to get on and off. I really crank the heat so that wee ones can just be in their diaper if they are comfortable with that. I always leave it up to Moms/Dads to decide what's best (my son was such a cold baby and my daughter was the opposite!). When we do legs, for example, it's nice to have the option to leave their top half dressed just to keep them warmer until we move on to that area. Bringing an extra blanket can be nice to cover certain areas as you see fit.

For the Sign Language, dress them in comfortable clothing that allows them to move and play.

6. When will programs begin?

Registration for our programs is well underway! Please click on the link to register: