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Suitable from 5 months - 2 years

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

Discover the fun and exciting world of baby signing with fabulous music, puppets and instruments in this fun and engaging course.  


It's designed to get your little one singing, signing and smiling!


This ASL course gives parents 250 of the most used baby signs in the simplest format. A fantastic way to communicate with your little one before they are able to talk.

Baby Signing is suitable once your wee one is starting to seek out interactions with you! 



Understanding your baby's gestures can improve communication.  These courses are a great way to meet other parents in a relaxed, informal environment, where your little one can enjoy the company of other babies.


Benefits include;

  • improved parent child relationships

  • a reduction in problematic behaviour like tantrums resulting from frustration.

  • more advanced mental development

  • larger expressive and receptive spoken language vocabularies.

  • faster clarification of concepts

  • increased visual attention during interactions between parents and toddlers

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