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The Roots


I’m Jenni, and I’m passionate about helping new Moms & Dads feel good.  I believe you must bring your whole self to the table; your personality, your sense of humour, and most importantly, your heart.


Ever since I launched this project, the classes and shop have been thriving and have quickly gained a loyal following. To see what I’ve been up to, browse my site, learn about my passions, and explore!

I feel in love with these classes after experiencing Baby Massage & Baby Sign Language with my own son and how beneficial it was for both of us.  I completed my training to become an accredited instructor with the Royal College of Midwives in 2015 and Mellow Baby was born.  


Qualifications...let me see.  I've got plenty of those!  I have a BSc in Biology from the brilliant Acadia University.  I have an MSc in Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise from the University of Glasgow  I qualified through Knotstressed and the Royal College of Midwives to become a Relax & Sing Baby Massage Instructor, I also qualified through FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators) to become Relax & Sing Baby Sign Language Instructor.  I have been leading workshops and classes for over 5 years and I am the Momma to two well-massaged kids!

As a Mom to two little’uns, I know how hard it can be, and I try to make my classes like a little get-away for Moms & Dads and I make my products fun and accessible for everyone.

I love teaching parents to make special time for themselves and their wee ones to really help them forge that ‘forever bond’.  I always feel so good when I leave a class, it’s just such a special time for the families I work with and I love being a part of that. 


I’m also a mom, wife, daughter, sister, feminist, TV/movie nerd and pop-culture aficionado.


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