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THE MISSING FRAME  Pop Up Series is coming to MELLOW BABY

I’m so excited to tell you about an amazing 'Missing Frame' series that is coming to Mellow Baby’s classes in Kanata and Westboro and Barrhaven this fall with Mellow Baby & Irina Fortey Photography

You have never had such a fan club as you have when your kids are little.  They think you are amazing, they think you can do anything, they think you are beautiful and funny and an incredible singer.   How incredible to have someone look at you through rose coloured glasses with nothing but love in their eyes? So show them that, get in those photos with them and capture those moments, that to them, are perfection.


This means, that anyone who is enrolled in my Wellington Signing class at FAB BABY, my Kanata classes (massage & signing) at the Glen Carin United Church and in my Barrhaven Classes @ A Gym Tale will get a FREE session with Irina as part of your sign up! 

Every participant receives a short session and a photo as a keepsake (FOR FREE)! 
All you have to do is already be signed up to one of Mellow Baby's Classes!

Welcome to Mellow Baby!

Mellow Baby is proud to offer Baby Massage, Baby Sign Language and Story Massage Classes in Ottawa.  All of the programs are geared towards infants, toddlers, kids and their parents.  Mellow Baby’s Classes are all about communication and bonding.  Initially, with the Baby Massage it starts with touch and voice, and then with the Sign Language, parents progress to sound as well as visual cues.


The classes are set-up to be fun and easy, with social time build in to the hour.  They are a great way to meet other parents in a relaxed, informal environment, where your wee ones can enjoy the company of other babies. The babies love all the songs, rhymes and sensory materials and toys.  I love to teach parents a new way to communicate with their little ones.  I hope to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for little ones and parents alike, so that each family will leave feeling more confident and closer to their child.